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کتابخنه برنامه نویسان-VB6
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[   ] Que - Linux Socket Programming By Example - 2000 - (By Laxxuss).pdf 28-Dec-2006 16:53 2.7M
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Download C# ebook (.pdf 3.6Mb)
Download C# ebook (Mirror 1) (.pdf 3.6Mb)

Prentice Hall - C# Essentials
Chapter 1 - The Journey to C#
Download the pdf at Prentice Hall.

Topics include - What is the .NET Framework?
What's in the .NET Framework?
What is C#?

Wrox - Beginning Visual C#
Chapter 1 - Introducing C#
Download the pdf at Wiley.
Download the source code for the book at Wrox.

Topics include - What is the .NET Framework?
What's in the .NET Framework?
What is C#?

O'Reilly - C# in a Nutshell
Chapter 1 - Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
View Online at ONDotNet.com.

Topics include - The C# Language
The .NET Framework
ECMA Standardization
Changes in Visual C# 2003

Addison Wesley - C# Primer
Chapter 1 - Hello C#
Download the pdf at Addison Wesley.
Download the source code for the book at Addison Wesley.

Topics include - Namespaces
Making a Statement
The string Type
A Value and Reference Types
The new expression
Garbage Collection
Dynamic Arrays: The ArrayList Collection Class
The Unified Type System
Shadow Boxing
Jagged Arrays
The Hashtable Container
Exception Handling

Deitel - C#, How To Program
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Visual Studio .NET IDE
Download the pdf at Prentice-Hall.
Download the source code for the book at Deitel.

Topics include - Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Overview.
Menu Bar and Toolbar.
Visual Studio.
.NET Windows.
Using Help.
Simple Program: Displaying Text and an Image.

Murach - C#
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Visual Studio .NET
Download the pdf at Murach.
Download the source code for the book at Murach.

Topics include - An introduction to the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET.
A tour of Visual Studio.
How to Test a Project.

O'Reilly - Learning C#
Chapter 2 - Getting Started with C#
View Online at O'Reilly.
Download the source code for the book at O'Reilly.

Topics include - What's in a Program?
Your First Program: Hello World
Examining Your First Program

Prentice Hall - C# For Windows Programming
Chapter 1 - Visual Studio .NET and C#
View Online at Prentice Hall.

Topics include - Visual Studio .NET and C#.
Building C# Applications.
C# Programming Elements - Arrays.
Attributes, Events, Indexers, Properties, and Versioning.
Boxing, Unboxing, and Unified Type System.
Classes, Structures, and Enum. Namespaces.
Predefined Types.
Value and Reference Types.
Designer Variables.
Initializing Components.
The Event Handler.

Sams - Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours
Chapter 1 - A C# Programming Tour
View Online at InformIT.
Download the source code for the book at InformIT.

Topics include - Creating a New Project.
Understanding the C# Environment.
Changing the Characteristics of Objects.
Naming Objects.
Setting the Text Property of the Form.
Giving the Form an Icon.
Changing the Size of the Form. Adding Controls to a Form.
Designing an Interface.
Adding an Invisible Control to a Form.
Coding an Interface.
Running a Project.

Sams - Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days
Chapter 3 - Storing Information with Variables in C#
View Online at InformIT.
Download the source code for the book at InformIT.

Topics include - Variables
Using Variables
Understanding Your Computer's Memory
C# Data Types
Numeric Variable Types
Literals Versus Variables
Reference Types

Deitel - C#, How To Program
Chapter 3 - Introduction to C# Programming
Download the pdf at Prentice-Hall.
Download the source code for the book at Deitel.

Topics include - Simple Program: Printing a Line of Text.
Another Simple Program: Adding Integers.
Memory Concepts.
Decision Making: Equality and Relational Operations.

Prentice Hall - Application Development Using C# and .NET
Chapter 2 - .NET Fundamentals
View Online at Prentice Hall or Download the pdf at Prentice Hall.
Download the source code for the book at Object Innovations.

Topics include - Problems of Windows Development.
Applications of the Future.

Addison - Programming in the .NET Environment
Chapter 2 - The Type System
View Online at Addison Wesley or Download the pdf at Addison Wesley.
Download the source code for the book at Addison Wesley.

Topics include - The Relationship Between Programming Languages and Type Systems. The Evolution of Type Systems. Programming Language-Specific Type Systems. The Design Challenge: Development of a Single Type System for Multiple Languages. CLR-Programming Language Interaction: An Overview. Elements of the CLR Type System. Value Types. Built-in Value Types. User-Defined Value Types. Reference Types. Object Types. Interface Types. Pointer Types. Example: User-Defined Object Type. Example: Use of Interfaces on Value Types. Assignment Compatibility. Nested Types. Visibility. Accessibility.

Microsoft - C# Language Specifications
Chapter 3 - Basic Concepts
View Online at Microsoft.

Topics include - Program Startup/Termination.
Member access.
Signatures and overloading.
Namespace and type names.

Microsoft - Visual C#.NET Deluxe Learning Edition-Version 2003
Chapter 3 - Writing Methods and Applying Scope
View Online at Microsoft.

Topics include - Declaring Methods
Specifying the Method Declaration Syntax
Writing return Statements
Calling Methods
Specifying the Method Call Syntax
Understanding Scope
Creating Local Scope with a Method
Creating Class Scope with a Class
Overloading Identifiers
Writing and Calling Methods

Apress - Beginning C# Objects From Concepts to Code
Chapter 3 - Objects and Classes
Download the pdf at Apress.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include - What Is an Object?
User-Defined Types and Reference Variables.
Objects As Attributes.

Sams - Microsoft Visual C#.NET 2003 Kick Start
Chapter 3 - Object-Oriented Programming
View Online at InformIT.
Download the source code for the book at InformIT.

Topics include - Creating Classes, Creating Objects, Using Access Modifiers, Creating Fields and Using Initializers, Creating Methods, Creating Properties, Read-only Properties, Creating Constructors, Creating Structs, Creating Static Members, Creating Static Fields, Creating Static Properties, Creating Destructors and Handling Garbage Collection, Overloading Methods, Overloading Operators, Creating Namespaces

Apress - Beginning C# Objects From Concepts to Code
Chapter 6 - Collections of Objects
Download the pdf at Apress.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include - What Are Collections?
Collections Are Defined by Classes.
Arrays As Simple Collections.
Multidimensional Arrays.
More Sophisticated Collection Types.
Inventing Our Own Collection Types.
Collections As Method Return Types.
Collections of Supertypes.

Sams - Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours
Chapter 3 - Understanding Objects and Collections
View Online at InformIT.
Download the source code for the book at InformIT.

Topics include - Understanding Objects.
Understanding Properties.
Understanding Methods.
Building an Object Example Project.
Understanding Collections.
Using the Object Browser.

Addison - Understanding .NET - A Tutorial and Analysis
Chapter 4 - .NET Languages
View Online at Addison Wesley or Download the pdf at Addison Wesley.

Topics include - C#.
C# Types.
C# Control Structures.
Visual Basic.NET.
VB.NET Types.
VB.NET Control Structures.
C++ with Managed Extensions.
Managed C++ Types.
Other Managed C++ Features.

Sams - Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 Developer's Cookbook
Chapter 3 - Strings and Regular Expressions
View Online at Sams Publishing or Alternatively view a copy at Code Project.
Download the source code for the book at Sams Publishing.

Topics include - Creating and Using String Objects.
Formatting Strings.
Accessing Individual String Characters.
Analyzing Character Attributes.
Case-Insensitive String Comparison.
Working with Substrings.
Using Verbatim String Syntax.
Choosing Between Constant and Mutable Strings.
Optimizing StringBuilder Performance.
Understanding Basic Regular Expression Syntax.
Validating User Input with Regular Expressions.
Replacing Substrings Using Regular Expressions.
Building a Regular Expression Library.

Microsoft - Inside C#
Chapter 10 - String Handling and Regular Expressions
View Online at Microsoft or Alternatively view a copy at Code Project.
Download the source code for the book at Microsoft.

Topics include - String Formatting Format Specifiers
Objects and ToString
Numeric String Parsing
Strings and DateTime
Encoding Strings
The StringBuilder Class
Splitting Strings
Extending Strings
String Interning
Regular Expressions
Match and MatchCollection
Groups and Captures
String-Modifying Expressions
Regular Expression Options
Compiling Regular Expressions

Murach - C#
Chapter 4 - Numeric and String Data
Download the pdf at Murach.
Download the source code for the book at Murach.

Topics include - Built-in Value Types.
Converting Data Types.
Scope and Enumerations.

Wrox - Beginning Visual C#
Chapter 4 - Flow Control
Download the pdf at Wrox.
Download the source code for the book at Wrox.

Topics include - Boolean Logic.
Bitwise Operators.
Boolean Assignment Operators
Operator Precedence
The goto Statement
The Ternary Operator
The if Statement
The switch Statement
do Loops
while Loops
for Loops
Interrupting Loops
Infinite Loops

Murach - C#
Chapter 5 - Control Structures
Download the pdf at Murach.
Download the source code for the book at Murach.

Topics include - Boolean Expressions.
Conditional Statements.

Murach - C#
Chapter 6 - Methods and Event Handlers
Download the pdf at Murach.
Download the source code for the book at Murach.

Topics include - Coding and Calling Methods.
Events and Delegates.

Murach - C#
Chapter 7 - Exceptions and Data Validation
Download the pdf at Murach.
Download the source code for the book at Murach.

Topics include - Exceptions.
Structured Exception Handling.
Data Validation.

O'Reilly - C# Cookbook
Chapter 8 - Regular Expressions
Download the pdf at O'Reilly.
Download the source code for the book at O'Reilly.

Topics include - Enumerating Matches
Extracting Groups from a MatchCollection
Verifying the Syntax of a Regular Expression
Quickly Finding Only the Last Match in a String
Replacing Characters or Words in a String
Augmenting the Basic String Replacement Function
A Better Tokenizer
Compiling Regular Expressions
Counting Lines of Text
Returning the Entire Line in Which a Match Is Found
Finding a Particular Occurrence of a Match
Using Common Patterns
Documenting Your Regular Expressions

Microsoft - C# for Java Developers
Chapter 9 - Collections
View Online at Microsoft Press.

Topics include - Indexers
Collection Interfaces
Basic Collections
Specialized Collections
The CollectionsUtil Class
Custom Collections

O'Reilly - Programming C#
Chapter 12 - Delegates and Events
Download the pdf at O'Reilly.
Download the source code for the book at Jesse Liberty O'Reilly & Associates 2003.

Topics include - Delegates
Retrieving Values from Multicast Delegates

Apress - A Programmer's Introduction to C#
Chapter 21 - Attributes
View Online at Code Project.
Download the pdf at Apress.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include - Using Attributes
Attribute Usage
Attribute Parameters
Reflecting on Attributes

Sams - Teach Yourself C# in 24 Hours
Chapter 17 - Designing Objects Using Classes
View Online at InformIT.
Download the source code for the book at InformIT.

Topics include - Encapsulating data and code using classes
Comparing instance member classes with static member classes
Constructors and destructors
Creating an object interface
Exposing object attributes as propertie
Exposing methods
Instantiating objects from classes
Binding an object reference to a variable
Understanding object lifetime
Releasing object references

Microsoft - Visual C# .NET Step by Step
Chapter 13 - Using Garbage Collection and Resource Management
View Online at Microsoft.

Topics include - Garbage Collection
Resource Management

Apress - C# and the .NET Platform
Chapter 5 - Advanced C# Class Construction Techniques
Download the pdf at Apress.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include - Building a Custom Indexer
Overloading Operators
Understanding (and Using) Delegates
Understanding (and Using) Events
XML-Based Documentation
Viewing the Generated XML File
Visual Studio.NET Documentation Support

Apress - C# and the .NET Platform
Chapter 6 - Assemblies, Threads, and AppDomains
View Online at The Code Project.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include - An Overview of .NET Assemblies
Cross-Language Inheritance
Understanding Private Assemblies
Understanding Shared Assemblies
Understanding .NET Version Policies
The Administrator Configuration File
Understanding System.AppDomain

Prentice Hall - Introduction to C# Using .NET
Chapter 18 - Interfaces and the .NET Framework
Download the pdf at Object Innovations.
Download the source code for the book at Object Innovations and its update here.

Topics include - ArrayList
Collection Interfaces
User-Defined Objects
Copy Semantics and ICloneable
Copy Semantics in C#
Shallow Copy and Deep Copy
Comparing Objects
Sorting an Array
Implementing IComparable

Apress - Best Kept Secrets in .NET
Various Excerpts - Best Kept Secrets in .NET
Download the pdf at Apress.
Download the source code for the book at Apress.

Topics include Chapter 1 - Hidden Treasures in Visual Studio
  • Organizing Code Snippets
    Chapter 2 - Doing Windows Forms
  • Iterating Through the Controls on a Form
    Chapter 3 - Code Tricks
  • Obsolescing Your Code
    Chapter 4 - Much ADO
  • Viewing Datasets As XML

  • Murach's Visual Basic 2005
    Chapter 2 - How to design a Windows Forms application
    Download the pdf at Murach.
    Download the source code for the book at Murach.

    Chapter 2 shows you how to use Visual Studio .NET to design a Windows form that displays the discount amount and final total for an invoice, based on user input and a fixed discount rate. It also tells you how to set the Visual Studio options so it's easier to create a new project.
    Topics include - How to set options and create a new project
    How to design a form
    How to name and save the files of a project

    Murach's Visual Basic 2005
    Chapter 3 - How to code and test a Windows Forms application
    Download the pdf at Murach.
    Download the source code for the book at Murach.

    Chapter 3 teaches you how to enter the Visual Basic code for the Windows form in chapter 2 so the interface works the way you want it to. Along the way, it shows you how to use two new 2005 features, code snippets and refactoring. And it gets you started with practical debugging techniques
    Topics include - An introduction to coding
    How to add code to a form
    Four new coding features
    Other skills for working with code
    How to run, test, and debug a project

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    195 Free Online Programming Books

    Update - Update.. This List has Grown to 345…

    Update: - I will be updating this list very shortly, many of the links were taken from http://www.programmingebooks.tk/

    How to Be a Programmer
    How to Design Programs
    Practical Theory of Programming
    Software Engineering for Internet Applications
    Structure and interpretation of computer programs
    More programming books http://2020ok.com/3839.htm
    The Programmers Stone
    Subversion Version Control: Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects


    Ada 95 Rational
    Ada 95 Reference Manual
    Changes to Ada 1987 - 1995
    Ada 95: The Lovelace Tutorial
    The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming


    Algorithms and Complexity
    Programming Algorithms http://2020ok.com/3870.htm
    Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms


    Assembly Language Tutorial
    Programming From the Ground Up
    Assembly Language Programming http://2020ok.com/3954.htm
    Ralph Brown's Interrupt List
    The Art of Assembly Language Programming
    The Assembly Language Database
    Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers


    A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C
    C Programming
    Object Orientated Programming in ANSI-C
    The C Book
    Writing Bug-Free C Code
    C - Elements of Style
    Learning GNU C


    An Overview Of The C++ Programming Langauge
    C++ Annotations
    C++ Annotations
    C++ Coding Standard
    C & C++ http://2020ok.com/3956.htm
    C++ Course
    C++ How To
    C++ In Action
    C++: A Dialog
    How To Think Like A Computer Scientist with C++
    Introduction To OOP Using C++
    Introduction To OOP Using C++
    Objects First

    1. Preface
    2. Introducing PHP
    3. Simple variables and operators
    4. Functions
    5. Arrays
    6. Objects
    7. HTML Forms
    8. Files
    9. Databases
    10. Cookies and Sessions
    11. Multimedia
    12. XML & XSLT
    13. Output Buffering
    14. Java and COM
    15. Networks
    16. Miscellaneous topics
    17. Security concerns
    18. Performance
    19. Writing PHP
    20. Writing extensions
    21. Alternative PHP uses
    22. Practical PHP
    23. Bringing it to a close
    24. Answers to Exercises
    25. The future of PHP
    26. Glossary

     Industrial Strength C++ (zipped PDF)

     Industrial Strength C++ (gzipped PDF)

    Summary of Rules & Recommendations

    Book Chapters




    Chapter One: Naming

    Chapter Two: Organizing the code

    Chapter Three: Comments

    Chapter Four: Control flow

    Chapter Five: Object lifecycle

    Chapter Six: Conversions

    Chapter Seven: The class interface

    Chapter Eight: new and delete

    Chapter Nine: Static objects

    Chapter Ten: Object-oriented programming

    Chapter Eleven: Assertions

    Chapter Twelve: Error handling

    Chapter Thirteen: Parts of C++ to avoid

    Chapter Fourteen: Size of executables

    Chapter Fifteen: Portability

    Appendix One: Style

    Appendix Two: Terminology

    ليست هزاران سايت كتاب مفت



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    آموزش Word به زبان فارسی

    آموزش کورل به زبان پارسی - بخش اول

    آموزش کورل به زبان پارسی- بخش دوم

    آموزش کورل به زبان پارسی- بخش سوم

    آموزش کورل به زبان پارسی- بخش چهارم

    مرجع کامل ضد امنیت شبکه - حجم : ۲۸ مگ

    مطالعه موفق با تمرکز-مولف : م . حورایی

    كتاب آموزش دلفي به زبان فارسي-بخش اول ( 10 مگابایت )

    كتاب آموزش دلفي به زبان فارسي-بخش دوم ( 10 مگابایت )

    كتاب آموزش دلفي به زبان فارسي-بخش سوم ( 10 مگابایت )

    كتاب آموزش دلفي به زبان فارسي-بخش چهارم ( 10 مگابایت )

    پسورد : www.parsa-system.net

    آموزش ویژوال بیسیک ۶ - حجم : ۶۸۴ کیلو -تعداد صفحه : ۷۳

    مرجع و كتاب آموزشيXML به زبان فارسي ‏-مترجمین: مهندس افروز کشف‌الحق، دکتر علی یونسی


    مرجع و كتاب آموزشي xml به زبان فارسي

    برنامه نویسی سه بعدی OpenGL با استفاده از دلفی-نویسنده : وحید نصیری

    مباني عبارات باقاعده - فارسی

    اصول کامپیوتر ۲ -معرفی زبان C -نویسنده : دکتر کریم زادگان مقدم

    يا برای دانلود فایل های PDF بر روی ebook و برای دانلود فایل های doc بر روی کتاب های Word کلیک کنید :

    اصول کامپیوتر ۲- معرفی زبان C

    مدار منطقی -نویسنده : داود کریم زادگان مقدم

    يا برای دانلود فایل های PDF بر روی ebook و برای دانلود فایل های doc بر روی کتاب های Word کلیک کنید :

    مدار منطقی -نویسنده : داود کریم زادگان مقدم

    کتاب آموزش php به زبان پارسی-بخش اول : (14 مگابایت )

    کتاب آموزش php به زبان پارسی-بخش دوم: (14 مگابایت )

    کتاب آموزش php به زبان پارسی-بخش سوم: (14 مگابایت )

    کتاب آموزش php به زبان پارسی-بخش چهارم: (4.6 مگابایت )

    250 صفحه ترفند براي دستكاري در ويندوز XP و Vista ‏[ به صورت PDF ]

    Windows XP : 2 MB

    Windows Vista : 2.80 MB

    اينم كل سايت Javascript.ir                        

    Pass : www.pcseven.com

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    ADA 95



    Assembly Language



























    Visual Basic

    داخل یک پوشه برای نمونه


    Other Free Books!

    C++ GUI Programming With Qt 3
    An Introduction to C++ Programming
    An Overview Of The C++ Programming Langauge
    How To Think Like A Computer Scientist With C++
    Introduction to OOP Using C++
    A Beginner's C++
    Programming in C++ - Rules and Recommendations
    Thinking in C++ Volume 1 - Introduction to Standard C++
    Thinking in C++ Volume 2 - Practical Programming
    C++ In Action - Industrial Strength Programming Techniques  
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    سلام .احوال شما .حالتون كه خوبه.

    گله دارم امروز.چرا نظر نمي دين .امروز مي خام يه شاه برنامه براتون بنويسم ولي خب نظر نمي دين كه چه فايده !! مي خام برنامه بنويسم كه هيچ جا سورسش رو نديده باشيد .البته سورس اصلي اين برنامه هم مال من نيست ازيه سي دي كد باز ( OpenSurce )درش آوردم .
    با اين برنامه مي تونيد برنامه ها و دي ال ال هايي كه با سي پلاس پلاس نوشته شده و بعضي از برنامه هاي ديگر رو باز كنيد و ديالوگ هاش رو ببينيد .اين جور برنامه ها كه معروفترينش ResurceHaker هست براي جعل و فارسي كردن برنامه ها استفاده مي شه .البته برنامه اي كه من اين سورس رو ازش درآوردم قدرت ديدن تمامي اجزاي برنامه از جمله آيكون ها ومنو ها عكس ها و تصوير و صدا و خلاصه هر چي توي فايل هست رو داشت ولي من فقط اين قسمتش رو برداشتم.چون تمام اون قسمتها برنامه رو حجيم مي كرد كه از حوصله وبلاگ ما خارج است!! براي اين برنامه بايد كد زيادي بنويسيد.
    خب شروع كنيد .پنجره ي كامپيونها رو باز كنيد ( Project/Component ) و تيك MicrosoftCommonDilog6 و تيك MicrosoftWindowsCommonControl6 را بزنيد
    يك TreeView يك Commondialog و يك ImageList به فرم اضافه كنيد
    خاصيت نام كامند ديالوگ رو به CDLG تنظيم كنيد.چهار تا عكس به ImageList اصافه كنيد .عكس اول علامت Search عكس دوم علامت پوشه بسته عكس سوم پشه باز و عكس چهارم علامت New باشه
    مي تونيد از آيكونهاي خود وي بي استفاده كنيد .مثال

    D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Ghraphic

    روي خاصيت Custom ليست درختي ( TreeView ) دو با ر كليك كنيد تا كادرش باز شود .سپس
    خاصيت اسكرول ليست درختي( TreeView ) را فعال كنيد .و خاصيت ImageList آن را به ImageList1 تنظيم كنيد .
    يك كامند ياتون با يه كادر عكس و يه تكست بوكس به فرم اضافه كنيد .خاصيت MultiLine تكست بوكس را به True و خاصيت ScrolBar اون رو به 3 تنظيم كنيد.
    فرم و ليست درختي و كادر عكس رو خيلي بزرگ كنيد . و تكست بوكس و دكمه رو زياد بزرگ نكنيد
    در كد كليك كامند كد زير رو بنويسيد

    CurrentResType = "": CurrentResName = ""
    RefreshView: ClearResource
    cdlg.Filter = "Executable (dll,exe)|*.dll;*.exe|All files (*.*)|*.*"
    cdlg.InitDir = App.Path
    If cdlg.FileName <> "" Then
    Call FillResTypes(TreeView1, cdlg.FileName, cdlg.FileTitle)
    End If

    در رويداد Collapse ليست درختي بنويسيد:


    در رويداد Expand ليست درختي بنويسيد:

    If Node.Child.Text = "Dummy" Then
    TreeView1.Nodes.Remove Node.Child.Index
    Call FillResNames(TreeView1, Node)
    End If

    و بلاخره در رويداد NodeClick ليست در ختي كد زير رو كپي كنيد:

    Dim ResType As String, ResName As String, ret As Boolean
    Text1.Visible = False
    CurrentResType = "": CurrentResName = ""
    If Node = Node.Root Then Exit Sub
    Label1 = "ResType: " & Node.Text
    If Node.Key = "" Then
    CurrentResType = Node.Text
    Else: CurrentResType = Mid(Node.Key, 2)
    End If
    If Node.Parent = Node.Root Then Exit Sub
    MousePointer = vbHourglass
    If Node.Parent.Key = "" Then
    ResType = Node.Parent.Text
    Else: ResType = Mid(Node.Parent.Key, 2)
    End If
    ResName = Node.Text
    If IsNumeric(ResName) Then ResName = "#" & ResName
    CurrentResType = ResType: CurrentResName = ResName
    Label1 = "ResType: " & Node.Parent.Text & vbCrLf & "ResName: " & ResName & vbCrLf & "ResSize: " & ResSize(ResType, ResName) & " bytes"
    Select Case UCase(ResType)
    Case "1", "2", "3", "12", "14" '---picture(Icon)
    Case "4" 'Menu
    Case "5", "17" 'Dialog
    ret = ShowDialog(ResName, Picture1)
    Case "6" 'String
    Case "9" 'Accelerators Table
    Case "11" 'Message Table
    Case "16" 'version info
    Case "23", "HTML" 'Web Page
    Case "AVI" '-video
    Case "JPG", "JPEG", "GIF", "PNG", "TIF", "TIFF", "WMF", "EMF" - -Picture
    End Select
    If ret = False Then
    If Text1.Visible Then
    Text1.Text = Text1.Text & vbNewLine & "Can not load resourse"
    Else: Picture1.Print "Can not load resourse"
    End If
    End If
    Picture1.Refresh: MousePointer = vbDefault

    فكر كرديدن تموم شد حالا قسمت اصليش مونده .يه ماژول به فرم اضافه كنيد و كد زير رو داخلش كپي كنيد


    .حالا برنامه رو اجرا كنيد .بازدن كامند كادر باز مي شه كه مي تونيد براش فايل اجرايي يا دي ال ال انتخاب كنيد تا داخل برنامه باز بشه .

    راستي دقت كردين آدم نظر نمي ده چقدر عذاب وجدان مي گيره !!اون هيچي فشار قبر رو چي خدا بخير بگزرونه!!آره فشار قبر

    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 24 فروردین1386ساعت 19:23  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    قالب بهبود یافت جستجو در کل سایت درست شد نظر بدین
    + نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 23 فروردین1386ساعت 10:59  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 


    تا حالا دلتون خاسته يه اسكرين سيور بسازين

    من يه برنامه بسيار جالب از اقاي Alexander Anikin به آدرس http://www.poshuk.com/pegas/index.htm دارم كه در اون يه اسكرين سيور بسيار زيبا ايجاد مي شه حالا اگه حوصله كنيد براتون كدش رو توضيح مي دم

    دو تا PictureBox با دو تا تايمر ايجاد كنيد .خاصيت Autoredraw دو تا عكس و فرم رو true كنيد

    خاصيت Interval تايمر اولي رو1و دومي رو 1000كنيد

    در خط اول كد فرم توابع زير ور تعريف كنيد

    'Copyright © 2000 by Alexander Anikin

    'e-mail: pegas@poshuk.com


    Option Explicit

    Private Declare Function LockWindowUpdate Lib "user32" (ByVal hwndLock As Long) As Long

    Private Declare Function ShowCursor Lib "user32" (ByVal bShow As Long) As Long

    Private Declare Function GetDC Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Long

    Private Declare Function BitBlt _

    Lib "gdi32" ( _

    ByVal hDestDC As Long, _

    ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, _

    ByVal nWidth As Long, _

    ByVal nHeight As Long, _

    ByVal hSrcDC As Long, _

    ByVal XSrc As Long, ByVal YSrc As Long, _

    ByVal dwRop As Long _

    ) As Long

    Private Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" ( _

    ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Long, _

    ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal cx As Long, _

    ByVal cy As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long

    Private Const SWP_NOSIZE = &H1

    Private Const SWP_NOMOVE = &H2

    Private Const HWND_TOPMOST = -1

    Dim a(47) As Integer

    Dim b(47) As Integer

    Dim xxx As Integer

    Dim yyy As Integer

    Dim e As Integer

    Dim ScrW As Integer, ScrH As Integer

    Private Sub TrueOnTop(myForm As Object)

    SetWindowPos myForm.hwnd, HWND_TOPMOST, 0, 0, 0, 0, SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOSIZE

    End Sub

    براي اينكه كاربر هر كاري كرد برنامه سريع خارج بشه بايد در رويداد KeyDown-MouseDown بنويسيد

    Unload Me

    در كد فرم لواد بنويسيد

    If App.PrevInstance = True Then Unload Me

    Dim x

    TrueOnTop Form1

    With Picture1(48)

    .BorderStyle = 1

    .AutoRedraw = True

    .Visible = False

    End With

    Me.AutoRedraw = True

    Dim Bo As Boolean

    Call BitBlt(hDC, 0, 0, Screen.Width, _

    Screen.Height, GetDC(0&), 0, 0, vbSrcCopy)

    Picture2.Width = Screen.Width

    Picture2.Height = Screen.Height

    Picture2 = Image

    ScrW = Screen.Width \ 8

    ScrH = Screen.Height \ 6

    Picture1(48).Width = ScrW

    Picture1(48).Height = ScrH

    Dim l As Integer, t As Integer

    l = 0

    t = 0

    For e = 0 To 47

    Bo = Not Bo

    If Bo = True Then

    a(e) = 15

    b(e) = 15


    a(e) = -15

    b(e) = -15

    End If

    Load Picture1(e)

    Picture1(e).Left = l

    Picture1(e).Top = t

    l = l + ScrW: If l > Screen.Width - ScrW Then l = 0: t = t + ScrH: Bo = Not Bo

    Picture1(e).PaintPicture Picture2.Picture, 0, 0, ScrW, ScrH, ScrW * xxx, ScrH * yyy, ScrW, ScrH, vbSrcCopy

    xxx = xxx + 1: If xxx = 8 Then xxx = 0: yyy = yyy + 1


    Next e

    For e = 0 To 47

    Picture1(e).Visible = True

    Next e

    x = ShowCursor(False)


    Timer1.Enabled = True

    Timer2.Enabled = True

    كد MouseMove فرم

    Static X0 As Integer, Y0 As Integer '------------------------------

    If ((X0 = 0) And (Y0 = 0)) Or _

    ((Abs(X0 - x) < 45) And (Abs(Y0 - y) < 45)) Then ' small mouse movement...

    X0 = x ' Save current x coordinate

    Y0 = y ' Save current y coordinate

    Exit Sub ' Exit

    End If

    Unload Me ' Large mouse movement (terminate screensaver)

    كد رويداد تايمر تايمر اولي

    LockWindowUpdate Me.hwnd

    For e = 0 To 47

    Picture1(e).Move Picture1(e).Left + a(e), Picture1(e).Top + b(e)

    If Picture1(e).Left > Screen.Width - ScrW Then a(e) = -a(e)

    If Picture1(e).Left < 0 Then a(e) = -a(e)

    If Picture1(e).Top > Screen.Height - ScrH Then b(e) = -b(e)

    If Picture1(e).Top < 0 Then b(e) = -b(e)


    Next e

    LockWindowUpdate False

    كد همون رويداد براي تايمر دومي

    Enabled = True

    Timer2.Enabled = False

    و بلاخره كد Form_Unload

    Dim x

    x = ShowCursor(True)


    شايد به محض اجرا شدن برنامه از برنامه خارج شويد .شما بايد يك نسخه اجرايي از برنامه روي دكستاپ ايجاد كنيد و بعد برنامه رو اجرا كنيد .اگه بازم به محض ورود از برنامه خارج شديد Unload Me ها رو پاك كنيد ولي يك دكمه براي خروج از فرم ايجاد كنيد.

    نكته:براي ايجاد نسخه اجرايي از پروژه از منوي فايل گزينه Make Project1.exe بزنيد .

    نظر ندادنتون منو كشته

    + نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 22 فروردین1386ساعت 15:7  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    Chris Crawford on Game Design Chris Crawford on Game Design

    Publisher : New Riders Publishing
    Pages : 496

    Chris Crawford on Game Design is all about the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game. Without these skills, designers and developers lack the understanding to work with the tools and techniques used in the industry today...

    Software Engineering and Computer Games Software Engineering and Computer Games

    Publisher: Addison-Wesley
    Copyright: 2002
    Format: Paper; 648 pp

    This book should be a requirement of anyone that wants to write games – period
    André Lamothe, author and CEO of Xtreme Games
    There are many books on the art of games programming but now acclaimed author Rudy Rucker has gone a step beyond and transformed it into a science.

    Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus-Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus-Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization

    ISBN: 0672318350; Published: Jun 2, 2003; Copyright 2003;
    Dimensions 7-3/8` x 9-1/8` ; Pages: 1728; Edition: 1st.

    Today is the greatest time in history to be in the game business. We now have the technology to create games that look real! Sony`s Playstation II, XBOX, and Game Cube are cool! But, all this technology isn`t easy or trivial to understand - it takes really hard work and lots of Red Bull. The difficulty level of game programming has definitely been cranked up these days in relation to the skill set needed to make games.

    مخصوص علی آقا

    Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW

    Paperback: 550 pages
    Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc. (April 25, 2003)

    Designed for game programmers interested in developing mobile phone applications, this book uses QUALCOMM`s BREW development environment to illustrate a variety of techniques in the field of wireless phone games.

    دات نت

    .NET Framework Essentials, 3rd Edition .NET Framework Essentials, 3rd Edition

    By Thuan L. Thai, Hoang Lam
    3rd Edition August 2003, 380 pages.

    Fully updated for version 1.1 of the .NET Framework, .NET Framework Essentials, 3rd Edition is an objective, concise, no-nonsense overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework for developing web applications and services. Written for intermediate to advanced VB, C/C++, Java, and Delphi developers, .NET Framework Essentials, 3rd Edition is also useful to system architects and leaders who are assessing tools for future projects.

    .NET Framework Solutions: In Search of the Lost Win32 API .NET Framework Solutions: In Search of the Lost Win32 API

    592 pages;

    If you’ve begun programming using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, you’ve discovered a lot of new and improved functionality. But, more than likely, you’ve also discovered a lot of missing functionality. Indeed, a third of the functions supported by the old Win32 API are not yet supported by .NET.

    Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming

    Format: Paperback, 591pp
    Publisher: Microsoft Press

    This title takes advanced developers and software designers under the covers of .NET to provide them with an in-depth understanding of its structure, functions, and operational components so they can create high-performance applications for .NET more easily and efficiently.

    A_Programmers_Guide_to_.NET A_Programmers_Guide_to_.NET

    By Alexei Fedorov.
    Published by Addison Wesley Professional.
    Dimensions 7-3/8x9-1/4 ; Pages: 720; Edition: 1st.

    The new Microsoft platform, Microsoft.NET provides countless opportunities for different services and systems to interact, allowing programmers to develop powerful solutions for the internet. If you are a programmer or developer wanting to take full advantage of Microsoft.NET, this book, which provides essential information for the whole of the .NET platform, is for you

    Building Microsoft® ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices, Second Edition Building Microsoft® ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices, Second Edition

    Author: Andy Wigley and Peter Roxburgh
    Pages: 720p

    Extend your programming expertise across the widest range of mobile devices with this incisive guide to Microsoft ASP.NET mobile controls. Now integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, ASP.NET mobile controls enable you to build applications that render intelligently on different devices—regardless of markup language, browser, or form factor.

    C# Web Development for ASP.NET: Visual QuickStart Guide C# Web Development for ASP.NET: Visual QuickStart Guide

    Pages: 456; Edition: 1st.

    C# was developed from the ground up to serve as the main language for Microsoft`s new .NET framework--and to compete with Java. C# Web Development for ASP.NET: Visual QuickStart Guide is aimed at beginning developers who may have experience with scripting languages but are not necessarily experienced with object-oriented languages. Using task-based examples and hundreds of screenshots, all code examples are presented in the context of ASP.NET development, aimed at Web developers.

    COM and .NET Interoperability COM and .NET Interoperability

    by Andrew Troelson
    Review By Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D.

    Having now completed a reading of my fourth book by Andrew Troelson (starting with `Developers Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0`), I can confidently state one truth: Andrew Troelson is a master programmer, teacher and author. This guy, quite simply, is a walking Encyclopedia Britannica of the .NET platform.

    Developing Web Applications with Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET Developing Web Applications with Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET

    John Alexander, Billy Hollis
    400 pages.

    John Alexander and bestselling author Billy Hollis show programmers how to develop enterprise-level Web applications using Microsoft`s popular programming language--Visual Basic.NET.

    Performance Testing Microsoft .NET Web Applications Performance Testing Microsoft .NET Web Applications

    Format: Hardcover, 284pp
    Publisher: Microsoft Press

    Performance tuning is increasingly important as desktop applications move to a Web-centric, software-as-a-service model. Performance analysis and tuning ensures that .NET-based applications perform as well as or better than traditional desktop applications.
     نظر بدین نامردی نکنین
    + نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 22 فروردین1386ساعت 10:24  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    ASP.NET Website Programming, C# Edition.chm 15-Apr-2006 10:07 7.6M
    ASP.NET Website Programming, VB.NET Edition.chm 02-Mar-2006 00:05 7.8M
    ASP.NET for Web Designer.chm 06-Aug-2006 19:04 5.1M
    ASP.NET in A Nutshell.chm 01-Dec-2004 15:18 3.3M
    ASP.Net Unleashed.chm 25-Jun-2005 17:04 6.6M
    Addison.Wesley.ASP.NET.2.0.Illustrated.Jun.2006.chm 25-Jul-2006 20:27 17M
    Apress.Beginning.ASP.NET.2.0.Databases.From.Novice.to.Professional.Mar.2006.pdf 22-Apr-2006 23:41 18M
    Begining ASP.NET Databases Using VB.NET.chm 23-Sep-2006 12:13 12M
    Build Your Own ASP.NET 2.0 Website Using C# and VB.pdf 19-Feb-2007 15:12 15M
    Building Web Solutions With ASP.NET and ADO.NET.chm 27-Jan-2006 10:48 4.4M
    Designing ASP.NET Application.pdf 27-Jan-2006 13:12 3.3M
    Education - Exam Cram 2 Exam 70-315 - Developing And Implementing Web Applications With Visual C Sharp Dot Net And Visual Studio Dot Net.pdf 28-Dec-2006 16:53 5.5M
    Essential ASP.Net with Example in C#.chm 19-Jul-2004 17:30 3.3M
    Essential ASP.Net with Example in VB.Net.chm 29-May-2003 00:58 3.5M
    For.Dummies.ASP.NET.2.0.All.In.One.Desk.Reference.For.Dummies.Jul.2006.pdf 19-Sep-2006 07:53 18M
    For.Dummies.ASP.NET.2.0.Everyday.Apps.For.Dummies.Feb.2006.pdf 03-Mar-2006 12:10 9.5M
    OReilly.ASP.NET.2.0.Cookbook.2nd.Edition.Dec.2005.chm 29-May-2006 20:10 3.9M
    Web Programming - ASP .NET By Example.chm 28-Dec-2006 16:53 2.8M
    + نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 22 فروردین1386ساعت 10:16  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
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    [   ] (ebook)Clancy,Tom-Th..> 19-Oct-2005 00:35   2.4M 
    [   ] (ebook)Freud,Sigmund..> 19-Oct-2005 00:35   1.0M 
    [   ] (ebook)Troytech220-1..> 19-Oct-2005 00:35   174k 
    [   ] CharlesDarwinAutobio..> 19-Oct-2005 00:35   127k 
    [   ] DVDtoQuickTime.pdf      19-Oct-2005 00:36   231k 
    [   ] Ebook-TheLittleBookT..> 19-Oct-2005 00:36   211k 
    [   ] Isglassliquidorsolid..> 19-Oct-2005 00:36   130k 
    [   ] LordoftheRings.pdf      19-Oct-2005 00:36   732k 
    [   ] RocketCar.pdf           19-Oct-2005 00:37   603k 
    [   ] UnderstandingUsingNe..> 19-Oct-2005 00:38   1.9M 
    [   ] leidenfrost_essay.pdf   19-Oct-2005 00:36   124k 
    [   ] pbg4.pdf                19-Oct-2005 00:37   2.6M 

    Self-Publishing Ebooks & Pods: One Step at a Time - Page 168
    by Timothy Sean Sykes - 2004 - 208 pages
    You've created a PDF ebook using three different approaches! (What an experienced
    publisher you've become!) T ---- - A Word about Post-Conversion Editing To ...
    Limited preview
    - Table of Contents - About this book

    Pro ASP.Net 2.0 in VB 2005: From Professional to Expert
    by Laurence Moroney - 2006 - 1323 pages
    NET2.0 in VB 2005 was first released, it quickly became the reference of ...
    These chapters total more than 1500 information-rich pages in ebook form, ...
    Limited preview
    - Table of Contents - About this book

    Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing and Health Care Practice: An Interactive Approach - Page 4
    by Wilfred. McSherry - 2006 - 216 pages
    ... (1989) 'The essence of spirituality' in VB Carson, Spiritual Dimensions of
    Nursing Practice. ... 3 ISBN-10: 1 84310

    لیست چند اف تی پی

    Useful Files-Blind Programming site
    Useful Files-Blind Programming site Useful ... 4mb FTP Net Drive puts ftp sites in drive list. PdfToText.zip... 182k Stand-alone .PDF to .TXT ... 2mb Adobe EBook Reader. PDF Zone... [Site] Site ...

    Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Book Download Sites
    Java Training, Bruce Eckel computer programming, C++ Training, Python Training ... http://www.janiry.com/bruce-eckel/ USA: ftp://ashper.com/pub/programming/c/books/eckel USA: http://www ...

    ... bible free palm ebook download ebook ebook ftp ebook covers acrobat ebook reader ... device ebook erotica free ebook pdf cisco ebook ebook programming asp ebook gemstar ebook


    Testkiller CISCO Study Guide Exam 640-506 Edition 1.pdf
    Unix - Solaris 7 Certification Guide.pdf
    User Guide.pdf
    Using Dreamweaver MX.pdf
    Using Flash MX.pdf
    Website Database Basics With PHP and MySQL.PDF
    Windows to Linux.pdf
    Working Serial List.pdf
    [e-book][cisco] Cisco - Ccie Fundamental - Network Design And Case Studies.PDF
    [ebook] Networking - CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Study Guide - SYBEX - John Swartz, Todd Lammle.pdf
    [ebook] Networking - CCNA Exam Certification Guide - Cisco Press - Wendell Odom.pdf

    PHP4 in 24 Hours

    OReilly - TCPIP Network Administration (1).pdf
    OReilly - TCPIP Network Administration.pdf
    PHP My SQL Tutorial (1).pdf
    PHP My SQL Tutorial.pdf
    PHP and MySQL Web Dev.pdf
    Photoshop 6 Bible (eBook).pdf
    Photoshop 6 Classroom in a Book.pdf
    Photoshop 6.0 User Guide.pdf
    Redhat Linux 7.2 Bible.pdf
    SAMS Teach Yourself PHP4 in 24 Hours.pdf
    SUN - Solaris Network Security (1997) [SA388].pdf



    Java Programming Language Handbook 4.pdf
    Java Web Services March 2002.pdf
    Java- Building Java Enterprise Applications Vol 1, Architec.pdf
    Linux Firewalls.pdf
    Linux Networking-Overview-HOWTO.pdf
    MCSE - Troytech Admin Network Infrastructure [70-216].pdf
    Manual - Macromedia - Flash MX.pdf
    MySQL- PHP (1).pdf
    MySQL- PHP.pdf
    OReilly - Cisco IOS Access Lists.pdf

    Cisco Router

    دو صفحه پر از کتاب

    Index #1
    Index #2

    + نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 20 فروردین1386ساعت 17:4  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    1. Ajax Basics & Development Tools (Feb 12th, 2007, Week #1)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. JavaScript Basics (Feb 19th, 2007, Week #2)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Ajax Frameworks and Toolkits (March 5th, 2007, Week #3)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Ajax Application Examples (March 12th, 2007, Week #4)
    2. 4258_ajaxexamples.zip (Unzip it in a directory of your choice and read lab document from <unzip-directory>/ajaxexamples/index.html to proceed)
    • Online lab document (This is the same document you will find in the hands-on lab zip file)
    • Homework (The homework is ready so feel free to submit homework anytime)
    1. Dojo Toolkit Basics (March 26th, 2007, Week #5)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Dojo Toolkit Advanced (April 2nd, 2007, Week #6)
    1. ProtoType (April 9th, 2007, Week #7)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. JSON (April 23rd, 2007, Week #8)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Direct Web Remoting (DWR) (April 30th, 2007, Week #9)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Google Web Toolkit (May 14th, 2007, Week #10)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Ajax Integration (May 21st, 2007, Week #11)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. DynaFaces (June 4th, 2007, Week #12)
    1. jMaki (June 11th, 2007, Week #13)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Web Application Frameworks and Ajax (June 25th, 2007, Week #14)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. ZK Framework (July 2nd, 2007, Week #15)
    1. CSS (July 16th, 2007, Week #16)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. JavaScript Best Practices (July 23rd, 2007, Week #17)
    2. PDF: 1 slide per page
    1. Phobos (Script-based MVC framework) (Aug 6th, 2007, Week #18)
    2. Portlet/Portals and Ajax - (Aug 13th, 2007, Week #19)
    3. Dissecting the Java BluePrints Petstore 2.0 Reference Application
    4. Ajax Design Patterns and Best Practices
    5. Programming Designs hosts for download over 40 Programming Ebooks, as listed below. These will give you knowledge and understanding of many programming languages, including C++, Java, Python, Perl, JavaScript, XML, Bash, Flash, and Visual Basic .NET. These ebooks are in zip, pdf, doc, chm, and rar formats.

      Ebooks from Progamming Designs
    6. IO Port Programming
      Game Scripting in Python
      Using Flash
      A Byte Of Pyhon
      Dive Into Python
      Non Programmers Tutotial For Python
      Using Components In FLash
      Oreilly VBScript In A Nutshell 2nd Edition
      Oreilly VB.Dot.NET Language In A Nutshell 2nd Edition
      Oreilly Perl Cookbook 2nd Edition
      Oreilly Practical Mod Perl
      OReilly Learning The BashShell 2nd Edition
      Addison Wesley Flash And XML A Developers Guide
      Addison Wesley C++ Network Programming Volume 1
      Oreilly Java Extreme Programming Cookbook
      Advanced Python programming
      Introduction to VisualBasic.NET
      Teach Yourself PHP MySQL & Apache In 24Hours
      Visual Basic 6 in 21Days
      Learn VB6
      Secure PHP Development
      MySQL Bible - PHP and MySQL
      Advanced PHP For Web Professionals
      Making Use Of PHP
      C++ Unleashed
      C++ Programming
      O'Reilly Learning Perl
      Perl in a Nutshell
      Teach Yourself perl in 21 Days
      Thinking in C++
      teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days
      Object Oriented Perl
      Thinking In C++ 2nd Edition Volume 1
      Thinking In C++ 2nd Edition Volume 2
      Javascript Language Reference
      Beginners Guide to CGI in Perl
      Bash Beginners Guide
      Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
      O'Reilly Learning XSLT
      O'Reilly Cocoa in a nutshell
      O'Reilly Perl Cook book
      O'Reilly Python in a nutshell
      O'Reilly Learning Perl 2

    7. ۴۵۰کتاب الکترونیک در پوشه های زیر

    8.   -
      [   ] Awsome 3D Game Developments : No Programming Required.chm   115M
      [DIR] Bible/ - -
      [DIR] Database/   -
      [DIR] Java/ -
      [DIR] Linux/ -
      [   ] MIT.Press-Introduction.to.Algorithms.2nd.Edition.pdf 13M
      [   ] MIT.Press.2D.Object.Detection.and.Recognition.eBook-TLFeBOOK.pdf   7.2M
      [DIR] Macromedia/   -
      [DIR] Microsoft .NET/ - -
      [DIR] MyManual/   -
      [DIR] Networking/ -
      [DIR] OReilly/   -
      [   ] UML with Rational Rose 2002.pdf 9.2M
      [DIR] WEB/

    ۱۶ کتاب خانه

    Here are what I judge to be the Top 16 Programming Diggs for the previous 30 days, from digg.com. These cover lots are topics, inclu ding Ajax, CSS, Javascript, HTML and browsers, programming theorems, Java and Linux, tableless forms, technical ebooks, computer science books, web design, Ferret with Ruby on Rails, error messages, and C programming. Here they are:

    Tutorial: AJAX Made Easy
    A very simple tutorial explaining how to add AJAX functionality to your website with 3 easy steps. Helpful no matter what your technical expertise may be... from beginner to advanced. Take existing features on your site and modernize with this framework. Definitely time invested in this quality article.

    The (only) Ten Things to Know About CSS
    a one-page tutorial that demystifies the cryptic and cranky rules of CSS.CSS+Javascript power. Fancy menu
    When it comes to creating the navigation part of your Website, the first thing you might think of is an unordered list that you style as tabs. Tired of them? Want something new to impress your friends, while keeping it accessible and unbelievably lightweight? Try this script.  

    74 CSS Galleries ranked ...
    Who knew there were so many ... what a waste ... just check cssmania.com !! 

    Why HTML renders differently in different browsers
    A very thorough article about why browsers render HTML differently.

    3d graphics in JavaScript
    See a live demonstration of a 3d rendering system written entirely in JavaScript! 

    Programming Theorems
    "A list of rules I've come up with lately, based on my experience in programming." 

    Desktop Java and Desktop Linux: A Match Made in Heaven?
    Although the .NET vs. Java war is basically over for control of the Windows desktop, where .NET is sure to become the managed language of choice for new Windows desktop applications, there is a new battle brewing. That battle is for the Linux desktop.

    New startup Scribd "YouTube for documents" - Tons of free ebooks already
    These guys have a new embedded flash PDF player. If you upload your docs, they'll show you detailed stats on who's reading them, and a map showing where the viewers are from. There are a ton of free programming ebooks on the site, and since anyone can upload them, there are going to be a lot more.

    Tableless forms
    Learn by example how to create a tableless css form.  Classic Texts in Computer Science
    A great list of classic computer science texts. Featuring such geeky titles as 'Let's Build a Compiler' and 'A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression'.

    Community Driven Open Source Web Design
    The Open Design Community (TODC) is a group of Open Source Website Designers providing free web design templates helping to make the global internet a prettier place. Acts As Ferret Tutorial with Ruby on Rails - RailsEnvy.com
    A detailed tutorial which shows how to use Ferret, the full-text search engine, inside your Ruby on Rails Applications. 

    Are you a Programmer or a Coder?
    Are programmers or should we called them coders, the most neglected link in the Software Development Chain?Coders are like smart assembly line workers as opposed to programmers who are plant engineers. Programmers are the brains, the glorious visionaries who create things. 

    The importance of checking your error messages
    "Since my first web site in 1995, error messages have always been a frustration for me. Working with hundreds of developers over the years, the error messages can really put egg on your face when you go live. Many times there are swear words in them, they are not properly formatted, the non-english speaking coders show through."  

    C Is The New Assembly
    Short blog post arguing C maybe 'The new assembly'. I must say I agree. Interesting read, with some links for further reading


    Amy Hoy at Slash7.com offers several excellent Ruby On Rails and Ajax Cheat Sheets, Presentations, and Articles. She will be adding to this section of her website and uploading more in the future for everyone to learn from and enjoy. These learning materials cover Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, Ajax, and Web 2.0.

    Really Getting Started In Rails
    What Goes Where in Rails
    Secrets of the Rails Console Ninjas

    Cheat Sheets (pdf format):
    RJS Demystified With Pretty Colors!
    Rails JavaScript Cheat Sheet (3 pages)
    Rails JavaScript Cheat Sheet (1 page)
    Scriptaculous Combination Effects Cheat Sheet
    What's Ajax? Cheat Sheet
    Form Helpers Cheat Sheet  - a Ruby on Rails. cheat sheet guide
    ActiveRecord Relationships Cheat Sheet  - a Ruby on Rails. cheat sheet guide
    What Goes Where? Cheat Sheet  - a Ruby on Rails. cheat sheet guide

    Presentation Slides:
    Presentation: When Interface Design Attacks!
    Presentation: User Experience, Pain-Free
    Presentation: JavaScript Boot Camp Tutorial
    Presentation: Getting Started with Ajax on Rails  (pdf slides)
    Presentation: Web 2.0 from the Ground Up  (pdf slides)
    Overcoming Scaffolding Addiction slides
    20 كتاب لينوكس

    Index of ebooks:

    100 Linux Tips and Tricks:

    Benchmarks WP HP Oracle:

    LDAP Implementation HowTo::

    Linux Administrator Guide 2:

    Linux NetAdmin Guide:

    Linux Full Command Manual:

    Linux Complete Command Reference:

    Linux PHP How To:

    Sams' Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours (pdf):

    Securing Optimizing Linux RH Edition v1.3:

    Shell Programming in 24 Hours:

    Unix Cook Book:

    Unix System Administration Handbook:

    Complete Idiots Guide to Linux:


    Firewalls Complete:

    Linux Administration:

    Linux Administration 2:

    Linux Complete.zip

    Linux Full Command Manual:

    Linux Security:

    MySQL Manual:

    Understanding IP Addressing:


    Here are 18 CompTIA Certification Study Practice Exams, along with answers with their explanations. These cover most the the CompTIA certification exams, including A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, IT Project+, and Linux+.

    + نوشته شده در  شنبه 18 فروردین1386ساعت 19:8  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    برای خروج از حالت فشرده سازی یا دیکمپرس کردن فایل های Zlip می توانید از تابع زیر استفاده کنید :

    procedure DecompressStream (aSource, aTarget: TStream) ;
    decompStream: TDecompressionStream;
    nRead: Integer;
    Buffer: array [0..1023] of Char;
    decompStream := TDecompressionStream.Create(aSource);
    nRead := decompStream.Read(Buffer, 1024);
    aTarget.Write (Buffer, nRead);
    until nRead = 0;

    نکته: استفاده از عبارت Uses ZLib فراموش نشود.

    مبنبعورودی های 82 دانشکده فنی اهر

    + نوشته شده در  شنبه 18 فروردین1386ساعت 10:52  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    قالب جدید چطوره

    حتمآ نظر بدین

    + نوشته شده در  پنجشنبه 16 فروردین1386ساعت 10:47  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    از نظرات ممنون

    پستهای ایراد دار اصلاح شد

    قالب اینجا بزودی عوض می شه

    به آرشیو سر بزنید

    + نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه 15 فروردین1386ساعت 10:57  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    View all the sub-categoriesMath Books   View all the sub-categoriesMiscellaneous View all the sub-categoriesIT References View all the sub-categoriesOther Book Sites View all the sub-categoriesIT Jobs View all the sub-categoriesFAQ**
      View all the sub-categories Special Topics   Open Source   Version Control   Signal Processing   Certificates   Neural Networks
      Game   Radio/RFID LDAP   Statistics   Probability   Operations Research   Science   More Special Topic BooksMore ..
      View all the sub-categories Computer Science   OS   Compiler   Parallel Algorithms   Complexity   Graph Theory
      Guide to Program   Computer Graphics   Languages   Hardware/PC   Human   Information Theory
      Numerical   Artificial Intelligence   Functional   OOD/OOP   Security   Cryptography   Architecture
      Electronics/Chips Design   Software Engineering   Computation   Guide to Computer Science   More Computer Science BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Languages   Ada   Assembly   BASIC   C   C++   C#   COBOL   Fortran   Lisp   Misc
      ML   Objective Caml   Pascal   PERL   PHP   Programming Language   Prolog   Python   Ruby
      Scheme   Shell Scripts   Smalltalk   SQL   Tcl/Tk   TeX/LaTeX   UML   VHDL   XML   More Language BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Java/J2EE   Core   Advanced   GUI   Servlet/JSP   J2EE/EJB   STRUTS   JSF   Spring/Hibernate
      Enterprise   Design Patterns   Build/Testing   Security   Distributed   Multimedia   J2ME   More Java/J2EE BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Unix/Linux   Core Unix   Core Linux   FreeBSD   Security   Shell Programming   Networking
      Programming   Samba   System Admin   GUI   Regular Expressions   Text Editing   More Unix/Linux BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Databases   Systems   SQL   Oracle   DB2   Sybase   MySQL   PostgreSQL   Misc   More Database BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Web   Publishing   Programming   PHP   JavaScript, AJAX   (X)HTML, CSS   Site Design   More Web/Internet BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Networking   Distributed   Networks   TCP/IP   Management   Programming   Internet   More Networking BooksMore ...
      View all the sub-categories Microsoft   .NET and C#   Programming   Applications What does the sign mean?

    همین جوری یه جا کندم آوردما!! از اینجا


    + نوشته شده در  شنبه 11 فروردین1386ساعت 9:23  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    Thinking in C++, Volume 2: Practical Programming Final version

    Thinking in Enterprise Java

    Thinking in Patterns

    Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition

    Thinking in C++, 2nd edition, Volume 1

    Thinking in Java, 2nd edition

    Thinking in Java, 1st edition

     سی پلاس پلاس


    [   ] Borland.mac             01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [DIR] C01/                    01-Apr-2004 22:45      - 
    [DIR] C02/                    01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [DIR] C03/                    01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [DIR] C04/                    01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [DIR] C05/                    01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [DIR] C06/                    01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [DIR] C07/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [DIR] C08/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [DIR] C09/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [DIR] C0B/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [DIR] C10/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [DIR] C11/                    01-Apr-2004 22:47      - 
    [   ] CodeWizard.mac          01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [TXT] CopyRight.txt           01-Apr-2004 22:45     3k 
    [   ] DigitalMars.mac         01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [   ] DigitalMars.mak         01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [TXT] License.txt             01-Apr-2004 22:45     3k 
    [   ] Metrowerks.mac          01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [   ] Microsoft.mac           01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [TXT] TESTHEADER_purge.cpp    01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [TXT] TESTHEADER_require.cpp  01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [DIR] TestSuite/              01-Apr-2004 22:46      - 
    [   ] edg.mac                 01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [   ] g++.mac                 01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [   ] makefile                01-Apr-2004 22:45     2k 
    [TXT] purge.h                 01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 
    [TXT] require.h               01-Apr-2004 22:45     2k 
    [TXT] runall.sh               01-Apr-2004 22:45     1k 

    [TXT] TicV2.html      2.4M

    amazon.de In C++ denken

    amazon.de Thinking in Java
    Bruce Eckel
    amazon.de In C++ denken . 2., reviedierte Aufl...
    Bruce Eckel
    amazon.de C++ Einführungskurs
    Bruce Eckel

    The C Programming Books ------- C# Programming Books

    ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook (Danny Kalev) [Mirror] [Mirror] [PDF] [PDF] Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    C/C++ Reference [Another] [Another] [PDF]----- C++ Annotations (Frank B. Brokken) [Mirror]

    C/C++ Reference Zone----------- C++ Essentials (S. Hekmat) [Source Code]

    Complete C++ Language Tutorial-------- Linkers and Loaders

    The ZooLib Cookbook (Michael D. Crawford)---- The C++ Course (Allen B. Downey)

    C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3, 464 pages, ©2004 (Jasmin Blanchette/Mark Summerfield) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    Industrial Strength C++ (Henricson/Erik Nyquist/Ellemtel Utvecklings ) [Mirror]

    Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel, 2nd Edition, Vol. 1  [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Download] [PDF] [PDF]

    Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2 [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Download]

    Applied C++: Techniques for Building Better Software ©2003 (Philip Romanik/Amy Muntz) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    The Function Pointer Tutorials for C/C++ ------------ A Beginners C++ (Neil Gray)

    C++ Language Reference--------------------------- C++ Reference Guide (Danny Kalev)

    An Introduction to GCC: for the GNU Compilers GCC and G++ (Brian J. Gough, Richard M. Stallman) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    C++ Wikipedia----------- Using C and C++ with Fortran------ C++ FAQ LITE

    Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW ©2003 (R. Barbagallo) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW ©2003 (R. Barbagallo) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    C++: The Rule Of Three (by Valmont)--------- C++ Coding Standard Specification (PDF)

    Incompatibilities between ISO C and ISO C++ ----- C++ Programming for Scientists

    C++, A Dialog (Programming with the C++ Standard Library), by Steve Heller

    Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ (Bruno R. Preiss) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    Techniques for Scientific C++-- Phil Ottewell's STL Tutorial--- Debugging C and C++ Code in a Unix Environment

    C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Programmer's Guide [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror]

    Larch/C++ Reference Manual (G. T. Leavens)------ C++ Programming Tutorials

    An Introduction to the Imperative Part of C++ (R. Miller, D. Clark, B. White, W. Knottenbelt)

    C and C++ Style Guides ---- C++ Portability Guide (D. Williams)

    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ (Peter M? [Mirror] [Printing Version]

    An Introduction to C++ and Object Oriented Programming, (Ian D Chivers) January 1999

    Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor, v 2.2 [Mirror] [Mirror]---- SUN C++ User's Guide

    C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (V.B. Rao) Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.---- Optimizing C++

    C++ Network Programming, vol 2: Systematic Reuse with ACE Frameworks (D.C Schmidt) [Miror] [PPT] [vol 1] Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    Compilers and Compiler Generators: An Introduction with C++ (P.D. Terry) [Mirror] [PDF] [Homepage] Read editorial and user reviews, and details about the book at amazon.com.

    How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (C++ Version)---

    - Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++ (T. J. Parr)

    کتابو بیارم دم در خونتون نظر  می دین!!!---تعمیر شد

    + نوشته شده در  شنبه 11 فروردین1386ساعت 9:18  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    مركز سي پلاس


    مركز پي اچ پي






    كتاب خانه برنامه نويسي


    كتاب خانه فارسي ويكي پديا



    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 10 فروردین1386ساعت 10:55  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    [TXT] Adstuff.html            13-Jan-2001 13:52    28k 
    [TXT] AppendixA.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   130k 
    [TXT] AppendixB.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    30k 
    [TXT] AppendixC.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    37k 
    [TXT] AppendixD.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    20k 
    [TXT] Chapter01.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   188k 
    [TXT] Chapter02.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    85k 
    [TXT] Chapter03.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   136k 
    [TXT] Chapter04.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   131k 
    [TXT] Chapter05.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    76k 
    [TXT] Chapter06.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    96k 
    [TXT] Chapter07.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    84k 
    [TXT] Chapter08.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   136k 
    [TXT] Chapter09.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   331k 
    [TXT] Chapter10.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   100k 
    [TXT] Chapter11.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   227k 
    [TXT] Chapter12.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52    75k 
    [TXT] Chapter13.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   340k 
    [TXT] Chapter14.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   188k 
    [TXT] Chapter15.html          13-Jan-2001 13:52   271k 
    [TXT] Contents.html           13-Jan-2001 13:52    47k 
    [TXT] DocIndex.html           13-Jan-2001 13:52   149k 
    [TXT] FrameContents.html      13-Jan-2001 13:52    47k 
    [TXT] FrameDocIndex.html      13-Jan-2001 13:52   150k 
    [TXT] Frames-expanded-TOC...> 13-Jan-2001 13:52     2k 
    [TXT] Frames.html 13-Jan-2001 13:52 2k

     Frontmatter.html        13-Jan-2001 13:52    30k 
    [TXT] Introduction.html       13-Jan-2001 13:52    50k 
    [TXT] Preface.html            13-Jan-2001 13:52    22k 
    [TXT] RevisionHistory.html    13-Jan-2001 13:52    10k 
    [TXT] SimpleContents.html     13-Jan-2001 13:52     3k 
    [TXT] TIJ2-Corrections.html   13-Jan-2001 13:52     4k 
    [TXT] STL.newbie.html         13-Jan-2001 13:52   164k 
    [   ] STL.newbie.ps 13-Jan-2001 13:52 365k 

    [TXT] stl.html                13-Jan-2001 13:52   164k 

    [   ] pers-stl.tar.gz         13-Jan-2001 13:52     6k 
    [   ] pstl-0.1.1.tar.gz       13-Jan-2001 13:52    26k 
    آموزش سی پلاس پلاس


    آموزش پی تون

    Python Documentation


    آموزش روبی

    [   ] ProgrammingRuby-0.3a..> 25-Jan-2002 11:52   822k 
    آموزش كامل


    آموزش اين i18n



    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 10 فروردین1386ساعت 10:47  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    IT Certification Books
    http://hal.cs.tuiasi.ro/~denisb/ 2004-08-19
    http://bookshelf.sleepnet.net/files/ 2004-08-19
    http://micromus.starthotel.dk/cisco/Various%20Books/ 2004-08-19
    http://www.cnd-enterprise.com/ 2004-08-19
    http://www.math.hcmuns.edu.vn/Public/Guide/ 2004-08-19
    http://abel.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp/~janos/bookshelf/ 2004-08-19
    http://www.stevelacerda.hpg.ig.com.br/_Cisco/ 2004-08-19
    http://ftp.interlegis.gov.br/pub/interlegis/SIT/ 2004-08-19
    http://www.viacom.com.br/~silici0/ 2004-08-19
    http://ftp.cdut.edu.cn/pub3/uncate_doc/ 2004-08-18
    http://freebooks.by.ru/ 2004-08-18
    http://www.lubsecurity.org/texts/linux/ 2004-08-18
    http://www.celticrover.com/tig/ccna/ccnareviews.asp 2004-08-18
    http://users.utu.fi/sisasa/oasis/ 2004-08-17
    http://www.certifyexpress.com 2004-08-16
    http://www.studyhallsoftware.com 2004-08-10
    http://www.angelfire.com/ult/nineinnine/640-801v35.zip 2004-08-08
    http://www.practiceexams.net/ 2004-08-05
    http://www.ebookcn.net 2004-08-04
    http://www.dhruvaraj.com/main.htm 2004-08-02
    http://www.mcu.cz/atm/index.php 2004-08-02
    http://www.oopweb.com/ 2004-07-31
    http://www.parsian.net/set1252/pages/books.htm 2004-07-29
    http://studynotes.net/index.htm 2004-07-28
    http://www.certtutor.net 2004-07-28
    http://www.cbtnuggets.com/webapp/videos 2004-07-28
    http://www.itcertifer.com/download 2004-07-25 2004-07-21
    http://www.2bcertified.net 2004-07-19
    http://download.chinaitlab.com/sort/11_1.htm 2004-07-19
    http://www.ebookcn.net 2004-07-18
    ftp://vhoang.myftp.org/ 2004-07-16
    http://ftp.cdut.edu.cn/pub3/uncate_doc/ 2004-07-14
    http://www.whizlabs.com 2004-07-13
    http://www.transcender.com 2004-07-13
    http://www.correctexams.com 2004-07-13
    http://www.netsupports.net 2004-07-11
    http://www.santoto.edu.co/mcse/index.php 2004-07-09
    http://www.thaifast.com 2004-07-09
    http://www.filibeto.org/sun/lib/ 2004-07-09
    http://www.hk8.org/old_web/ 2004-07-08
    http://www.certcity.net/download/ 2004-07-03
    http://santoto.santoto.edu.co/mcse/index.php?newlang=english 2004-07-03
    http://www.net130.com 2004-07-03
    http://www.trandumper.net 2004-07-03
    http://www.braindumps.com 2004-07-03
    http://www.mcsebraindumps.net 2004-07-03
    http://www.freebraindumps.com 2004-07-03
    استفاده کنو نظر نده

    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 10 فروردین1386ساعت 8:6  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    سلام حتمآ با پست قبلي جيگرتون آتيش گرفت.حق دارين از نظراتون معلومه

    تو اين پست برنامه اي ميسازيم كه با جابه جا كردنش موقعيتش روي تيتر برنامه نوشته بشه

    اين برنامه بدون هيچ تايمري كار مي كنه و معقيت فرم رو ميگه

    يه پروژه خالي(به قول تركا كالاه)ايجاد كنيد ويه ماژول و يه فرم بهش اضافه كنيد

    كد مربوط به ماژول

    'API Types

    Public Type RECT
    Left As Long
    Top As Long
    Right As Long
    Bottom As Long
    End Type

    'API Constants
    Const WM_MOVING = 534
    Const GWL_WNDPROC = (-4)

    'API declarations
    Private Declare Function SetWindowLong Lib "user32.dll" Alias "SetWindowLongA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal nindex As Long, ByVal dwnewlong As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function CallWindowProc Lib "user32.dll" Alias "CallWindowProcA" (ByVal lpPrevWndFunc As Long, ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal Msg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As RECT) As Long
    Private Declare Function DefWindowProc Lib "user32.dll" Alias "DefWindowProcA" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long

    Dim OldhWndProc As Long

    Private Function OnMove(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal uMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As RECT) As Long
    'Handle the OnMove event
    If uMsg = WM_MOVING Then
    'The form is moving!!
    Form1.Caption = "Left: " & lParam.Left & " ,Top: " & lParam.Top
    'Insert your code HERE
    End If
    'Call the old WindowProc
    OnMove = CallWindowProc(OldhWndProc, hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam)
    End Function

    Public Sub InstallOnMovingEvent(frm As Form)
    'Install the new WindowProc - SubClassing
    OldhWndProc = SetWindowLong(frm.hWnd, GWL_WNDPROC, AddressOf OnMove)
    End Sub

    Public Sub RemoveOnMovingEvent(frm As Form)
    'Restore the original WindowProc
    SetWindowLong frm.hWnd, GWL_WNDPROC, OldhWndProc
    End Sub

    روي فرم دابل كليك كنيد هر چي نوشته پاك كنيد اينارو بنويسيد

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    InstallOnMovingEvent Me
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    RemoveOnMovingEvent Me
    End Sub

    حالا برنامه رو اجرا بدين تكونش بدين و صفا كنيد

    من تو هرپست باد بگم نظر بدين.خوب نظر بدين ديگه

    + نوشته شده در  سه شنبه 7 فروردین1386ساعت 10:48  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 



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    + نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 6 فروردین1386ساعت 23:32  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    جواب سوال دوست عزيزم رضا درمورد كد جاوا اسكريپت لينك باكس

    نام اين تگه MARQUEE مي باشد كه براي متن متحرك استفاده مي شود شكل اين تابع به شكل زير است

    <MARQUEE onmouseover=this.stop() onmouseout=this.start() scrollAmount=3 scrollDelay=20 direction=up height=50 align="center">

    // ----نام تگه------كد توقف حركت ----------------كد اجراي لينك----------سرعت---------نرمي حركت-----جهت------ارتفاع منطقه حركت --نوع نمايش

    كدتوقف حركت:اين كد به مرورگر مي گويد كه وقتي موس روي لينك رفت حركت متوقف شود -در مورد حركت يك شعر يا متن غير لينك و غير اجرايي اين كد را استفاده نمي كنند

    كد اجراي لينك :اين كد هنگام كليك كاربر روي لينك اجرا مي شود و لينك انتخاب شده را جرا مي كند

    سرعت:اين گزينه سرعت حركت را بيان مي كند .براي مثال سرعت حركت 3 تقريبآ سريع و 2 متوسط استو4 سريع است .

    بيش از 4 توصيه نمي شود چون لينك ها خوانده نمي شوند مگر در جاهايي كه عرض كادر حركت زياد است مثل سر تيتر

    نرمي حركت:اين كد براي سرعت تازه سازي حركت استفاده مي شود واگر كم انتخاب شود باعث ايجاد حركتي نرم مي گردد براي اين مورد هم اكثرآ بين 20-10 را استفاده مي كنند

    ولي اگر مقدار زياد مثلآ 100 انتخاب شود باعث حركت قطعه قطعه مي شود.مثل تيك تيك ساعت.مقدار زياد براي اين گزينه حركت را خيلي زشت مي كند

    جهت:براي مقدار جهت مي توان عدد استفاده كرد يا نوشته نوشته هايي كه تعريف شده هستند

    Down(پايين)|Left(به چپ)|Right(به راست)|UP(به بالا)

    مقدار پيش فرض سمت چپ است .اعداد هم به ترتيب اعداد 1-4 هستند كه همين كارها را انجام مي دهند

    ارتفاع هم كه معلوم است براي تنظيم ارتفاع محدوده ي حركت است

    نوع نمايش هم مي تواند يكي از سه نوع زير باشد

    Absbottom(),absMiddle(),Baseline(),bottom(),texttop(),top()---Left(چپ چين),Right(راست چين),Center(وست چين)

    با كد </MARQUEE>پايان ان تگه را به مرور گر اعلام مي كنند

    تگه ي<MARQUEE>فقط هر چيزي راكه درونش باشد را جا به جا مي كند

    براي مثال

    <MARQUEE onmouseover=this.stop() onmouseout=this.start() scrollAmount=3 scrollDelay=20 direction=up height=50 align="center">

    <a href="http://nasservb.blogfa.com" title="Larnning&FreeEbook">Larning&FreeEbook</a>

    </MARQUEE >



    انواع مختلفي از كاربرد اين تگه را شما در همين وبلاگ مشاهده مي كنيد

    ساير پارامتر هاي اين تگه


    عرض-فاصله عرضي- حركت يا توقف-تعداد تكرار -زبان-فاصله از بالا-.-.-.-رنگ پس زمينه-اسكرولي بودن

    نقطه ها به معني آرگومانهاي بانك اطلاعاتي است

    سوال داشتيد بپرسيد

    شاد پيروز و جاويد باشيد

    + نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 6 فروردین1386ساعت 19:34  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 

    تا حالا زده بسرتون خودتون يه دكمه برا منوي استارت درست كنيد.مثلآ هر موقع برنامه ي شما

    اجرا مي شه دكمه استارت تغيير شكل بده !!نميشه؟بشين اينجا جايي نرو تابگم چجوري ميشه

    يه كادر عكس به فرم اضافه كنيد ويه عكس توش بندازيد.بعد يه تايمر به فرم اضافه كنيد

    خاصيتIntervalتايمر رو روي1 بزاريد بعد توابع زير رو در خط اول كد فرم بنويسيد

    Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
    Private Declare Function FindWindowEx Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowExA" (ByVal hWnd1 As Long, ByVal hWnd2 As Long, ByVal lpsz1 As String, ByVal lpsz2 As String) As Long
    Private Declare Function GetDC Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function StretchBlt Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long, ByVal nHeight As Long, ByVal hSrcDC As Long, ByVal xSrc As Long, ByVal ySrc As Long, ByVal nSrcWidth As Long, ByVal nSrcHeight As Long, ByVal dwRop As Long) As Long
    Private Declare Function GetDesktopWindow Lib "user32" () As Long
    Private Declare Function ReleaseDC Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal hdc As Long) As Long
    Private Const SRCCOPY = &HCC0020 ' (DWORD) dest = source
    Dim dsktp As Long, St As Long

    در ويداد فرم لواد كد زير روبنويسيد

    Dim Wind As Long 'Temporary hwnd holder'--Finding the SystemTray Window (hwnd)
    Wind = FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", "") '--Finding the Start Button Window (hwnd)
    Wind = FindWindowEx(Wind, 0, "Button", vbNullString)
    St = GetDC(Wind) 'Getting Start Button DC
    dsktp = GetDC(Picture1.hwnd)
    Timer1.Enabled = True

    بقيه اش رو وللش !!شوخي كردم بابا كجا مي ري!! در رويداد تايمر كنترل تايمر كد زير رو بنويسيد

    StretchBlt St, 0, 0, 100, 60, dsktp, 40, 1, 1, 40, SRCCOPY

    اين نظر كه يادت نمي ره.ايولا گل پسر !!زود باش دير ميشه ها

    + نوشته شده در  دوشنبه 6 فروردین1386ساعت 15:35  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    می خواستم بنر عوض کنم گفتم اول بپرسم نظرتون راجع به این بنر چیه

    بنر جديد

    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 3 فروردین1386ساعت 23:5  توسط ناصر.ن.م  | 
    امروز یه فایل آپ کردم که با اون می تونید یه برنامه یا فایل دی ال ال رو باز کنید و ای  پی آی هاش رو بکشید بیرون .خیلی جالبه دانلو کنید حجمش هم کمه

    بعد از باز کردن برنامه از منوی فایل لواداكسپورت بزنيد و فايل رو انتخاب كنيد بعضي از فايل هارو باز نمي كنه ولي اكثر دي ال ال ها رو من با هاش باز كردم

    دانلود-14 كلو بايت

    نظر كه يادت نمي ره

    + نوشته شده در  جمعه 3 فروردین1386ساعت 10:43  توسط ناصر.ن.م  |